At MX TakaTak we are excited to announce a new initiative for creators - the MX TakaTak Creator Fund to encourage India’s talented and innovative set of established and emerging creators to create engaging, impactful and inspiring content on Takatak. The fund will deploy ₹100 crore for creators. In a promise to support our existing creators as well as to encourage new creators with impactful content ideas, the fund will help them use their creativity to build an exciting career. The MX TakaTak creator fund will support creators of all sizes and backgrounds, rewarding the passion and creativity they put into inspiring, engaging and entertaining the community on MX TakaTak.
The MX TakaTak Creator fund will be open for all Indian citizens and will reach thousands of creators across India. Creators who consistently post original videos or have unique ideas for content across various categories such as education, tech, sports, art, entertainment, fashion and makeup, travel & photography etc. will be eligible for the fund. Once selected in the MX TakaTak creator fund, the creators will receive regular rewards for their content based on various performance criteria such as uniqueness of their content, authenticity, views, engagement, followers etc. In addition, a select few aspiring creators with story ideas that make a social impact will receive a startup fund to support the start of their journey on MX TakaTak.